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NASA’S CURIOSITY ROVER SPOTS A ‘MOUSE’ ON MARS! Are there really rodents on the red 
planet?This mouse-shaped shadow was caught on camera by a NASA robot… Check it out NG Kids fans – it looks like we might have found a red planet rodent!

Scientists have long questioned whether there is life on Mars, and by the looks of these latest pictures, there very well might be… NASA’s Curiosity Rover (a robot exploring the landscape on planet Mars), seems to have spotted something rather unusual among the usually uninhabited and rocky Martian landscape. A UFO you might think? A three-headed fish, even? Nope, the pictures show what seems to be a small, fluffy mouse – just hanging out on Mars. While there’s no official word from NASA about the Martian mouse, amateur astronomer Joe White posted the pictures on his YouTube channel, saying he thinks he’s spotted a mouse in the Curiosity Rover’s recent footage. He wrote alongside the video: “A possible very large mouse or other rodent on Mars in Gale Crate…

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